This website is dedicated to helping people who want to stay sober without having to deal with the dishonest
program of Alcoholics Anonymous.
To be sure AA does work for some people, usually those who are desperate and have no self respect left and
people who are followers who are willing to ignore contradictions in the program and who don't mind associating
with large numbers of Sociopaths and psychopaths
Some Points of dishonesty within AA are:
1)AA says they have no opinion on outside issues, but AA regularly comments on outside issues, such as stating
AA favours diversity and advocates boycotting businesses that do not support enforced diversity
2) There are requirements for AA membership other than the desire to not drink which contradicts AA's very own
traditions(rules). Specifically they list gay, Indian, Bisexual, Trans gendered, Hispanic, Chicano AA meetings in just
about every jurisdiction around the country. Also AA members ostracize anyone who refuses to believe in God,
and they mean the Christian God from the Middle East derived Bible
3) If you are a Traditional man and do not hold hands with grown men, refuse to hug grown men, you will be
character assassinated at the group level and forced out as a non conformist and shunned
4) AA central offices are privately owned companies and AA Headquarters in New York does not run the central
offices even though they use the name Alcoholics Anonymous, central office go to great lengths to hide this to
solicit donations.
5) If AA really just wanted to help save Alcoholics, why would did AA go to Court to have hundreds of thousand of
AA Big Books Destroyed by Court order that where being given away for free? (See link to Hazelden on main
page for details)
6) AA principles says they don't tell people what to do, but immediately upon arrival the real tradition is that you
will be told what to do, whom to befriend, not to befriend, and who you should or should not get romantically
involved with( just like all other Cults) based on the other persons compliance to AA' conformity i.e., utter
submission to the Cults' pogroms
7) 'Trust others' is a big theme in the rooms of AA, but it is the 'others' in AA that will Take your significant other,
steel your money and talk bad about you as soon as you turn around. Marriages are broken up all the time in AA
by Sponsors taking their Sponsees  spouse( both male and females do this)
8) Many people have committed suicide because of the rumor character assassination campaigns waged against
them in AA.